A Planet of Talking Things

Software is the invisible thread running through so many products that we use today; It’s what animates them, gives them their purpose, and acts as the “brains” to make them smarter. You have a car that can talk to a mechanic, to signal the fact that it needs a repair; you have store shelves that can talk to a supply chain when they’re running low on inventory of a certain product; you have meters that can talk to utilities about the ebb and flow of electricity.

And getting things right is increasingly tied to how well everything talks and interacts. If these different technologies don’t work together and communicate, the anticipated benefit is lost.

Data is flowing like mighty rivers from all of these connected devices and machines. This requires a heavy dose of analytics software to quickly make sense of all the data and put it to immediate use, and the power of the cloud, which makes it easy to access and share.

The good news is there’s now new messaging software that makes it easy for every device on the network to communicate and share information instantly with wider range of systems and devices. This way, all the information the devices produce can be quickly analyzed and acted upon — leading to better decisions and steps to a smarter, connected world.


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