Picture Story: Social Business at Work

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As the systems that run the way we work and live become smarter, the way people connect and comDevelopers at workmunicate, find and share information, and perform everyday business tasks is changing in dramatic and dynamic ways.

Everywhere you look, new devices combined with social collaboration tools are transforming how work is done today — how information is shared, relationships are built, and decisions are made.

Thanks to clever social software tools that make collaboration happen easily and naturally, new delivery models such as cloud and mobile computing, and new ways of finding and sharing information, businesses are becoming social businesses — ones that are connected in a variety of ways, both inwardly and out.

Creative Connections   

Creative Connections

For example, instead of simply pushing messages and offers out to the market, social businesses are creating back-and-forth dialogues with their customers through social tools, and are able to target the right content to the right customers using profile data from the Web and analytics.

This could enable a retail buyer to use seemingly unrelated purchases events to find an emerging trend in a product line; an automated electronics assembly process to pull in the best parts, suppliers, and assemble expertise without disruption as market needs continuously change; and an insurance firm to connect its independent agents and underwriters, helping them to reduce policy turnaround time from weeks to days.

Working in a mobile world

The Social Enabler

Mobile devices equipped with new social networking software are becoming the great enablers of a social business, and vital business tools that allow workers to be more productive in more places because they can access mail, calendar, contacts, employee records and to-do lists anywhere in the world.

And as organizations struggle to find ways to more accurately gather, share and gain insight through smart devices, IBM is there to help with new software and services designed to bring a new level of intelligence to the mobile enterprise marketplace.

Collaborative cooking in the cloudConnecting and Empowering People

As the rapid growth of social networking and mobility erases some of the boundaries that separated individuals in the past, people increasingly use their relationships with other people to discover and use information to accomplish innumerable tasks.

Gone are the days when a person had to be tied to a desk and chair in the office to get his or her work done, or when innovation was a guarded secret, with all of the novel ideas created in isolation.

We’re in a new era now, in which any person, any object, any process or service and any organization — large or small — can become digitally aware, connected and smart.

And now savvy organizations around the world are transforming their workplaces, not only by connecting and collaborating in new ways, but by unleashing the genius and creativity of the workforce itself.

Social Workplaces

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